Our Staff


Our staff are committed to ongoing professional learning and development.

All teachers at Holy Cross hold a degree and teaching qualifications from a higher education institution relevant to their teaching area and give generously of their time, to engage professional development that supports learning for the 21st century.

Leadership Team
Principal Miss Louise O'Donnell
Assistant Principal Mr Shaun Buckley
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Lisa Clements
Leaders of Learning

Mrs Jesica Holt

Mrs Pauline Pittas

Special Project Coordinator TBC


Administration Staff
Secretaries Miss Holly Osborne
  Mrs Tina Aifantis
  Mrs Maria Apap


Teaching Staff
Kindergarten Green Mrs Natalie Fogg
Kindergarten Purple Mrs Danielle Hillard & Mrs Daniella Merhi
Year 1 Green Mrs Aymie Fenech
Year 1 Purple Mrs Dionne Villiers
Year 2 Green Miss Breeann Silcock
Year 2 Purple Miss Breanna Bindley
Year 3 Green Miss Brittney Van Gestel
Year 3 Purple Mrs Jesica Holt & Mrs Daniella Merhi
Year 4 Green Miss Jessica Calabritta
Year 4 Purple

Miss Bianca Dunger

Year 5 Green Mrs Lisa Clements & Mrs Laura Collin
Year 5 Purple Mrs Nicolette Callan
Year 5 Support Mrs Kirstyn Fachkha 
Year 6 Green
Mrs Pauline Pittas & Mrs Laura O'Neil
Year 6 Purple
Mr Daniel Delaney
Diversity Team

Miss Melissa Theoharous

Mrs Gracelyn Pielago

Mrs Anne Sayers

Mrs Loretta Farrelly

Mrs Jennifer McMasters

Music Mrs Elizabeth Vallentine & Mrs Angelique Goldsworthy
Art Mrs Clancy Hoyle
PDHPE  Miss Breeann Silcock & Miss Breanna Bindley
Librarian Assistant Mrs Bridget Morgan


Teacher's Aides & Ancillary Staff
Mrs Lyn McCully Mrs Sue Perrin
Mrs Gloria Surdich Mrs Belinda Turner
Mr Michael Fitzgerald (Maintenance)  

Further Information

At Holy Cross we are happy to discuss any matters you may wish to raise. Please contact the school if you would like to contact a member of staff.