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Holy Cross Primary is within the parish of Blessed John XXIII and is one of three schools that make up the Catholic Learning Community of Blessed John XXIII Parish.

All three schools form an integral part of the mission of the Catholic Church in education.

Since 2000, a strong relationship has existed between Holy Cross and the wider parish of Blessed John XXIII. The school was initially used as a parish centre providing a prayer space for liturgies and other parish based activities, such as sacramental programs, antioch group activities, liturgical musician rehearsals and special religious educator meetings.

Although the church is located at Stanhope, a weekly parish mass is celebrated each Wednesday at 9am in the library at Holy Cross Primary. Primary class groups attend this mass with parishioners.

Blessed John XXIII Parish
Perfection Ave
Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768
tel: 9852 0580

Parish priest:
Fr Jolly Chacko

Mass Times:
Saturday (Vigil) 6:00 pm
Sunday 7:30 am, 9:00 am,
10:30 am and 6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am at Holy Cross Primary


Blessed John XXIII Parish

Blessed John XXIII Parish