Education is the process of helping each individual discover their own uniqueness, awesome capacity and responsibility in the context of Gospel values and the Catholic tradition.

We believe that the Catholic school must:

  • be an authentic Christian community where the dignity of each person is respected, differences appreciated, positive relationships developed and excellence encouraged
  • enable learners to develop their individual potential and nurture a disposition towards lifelong learning, with values, attitudes and skills necessary for active Christian living and participation in tomorrow’s world
  • provide learning environments and opportunities that meet the developmental needs of each child lead children to understand themselves and their world, to think critically, communicate effectively, care deeply and act wisely

These pages outline the Religious Education, curriculum, extracurricular and sport opportunities at Holy Cross Primary.

Come and see learning in action at Holy Cross Glenwood!

We’d love a chance to show you how learning works for young people in our school. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each child do his or her best.




Educational Philosophy

At Holy Cross Primary we aim to provide students with positive attitudes and a love of learning, so that they will be flexible, adaptable lifelong learners.


Religious Education

Religious Education at Holy Cross Primary is based on the Diocesan syllabus. It links into children’s experiences, allowing for reflection and celebration.



At Holy Cross Primary Glenwood we emphasise learning experiences which help children make connections between existing and new knowledge, skills, processes, attitudes and values.


Learning Hubs

Within each learning stage area is a dedicated science space and music hub designed for students to immerse themselves in before school as well as during the school days.



At Holy Cross Catholic Primary, students are given many opportunities to extend and challenge their learning. Learn more about the extra-curriciular activities available.


Supporting Learning

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary, we seek to accomodate a broad range of personalities, learning rates, stages and backgrounds.



The library at Holy Cross is a centre of learning and a shared learning environment for students, staff and families to enjoy.


Assessment and Reports

At Holy Cross Primary, our staff share in an understanding about assessment that reflects a belief that all students can learn.


EMU Learning

The Extending Mathematical Understanding Program offered at Holy Cross Catholic Primary aims to enhance students mathematical understanding through rich mathematical experiences.



PBS4L is a whole school framework used to create positive learning experiences for all students at Holy Cross Catholic Primary


Creative Arts

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary, we are passionate about fostering student creativity and imagination. One opportunity to do this is through our creative art program.