Assessment and Reports

At Holy Cross Primary, our staff share in an understanding about assessment that reflects a belief that all students can learn.

Our staff believes that assessment:

  • is embedded in the learning and teaching process
  • involves setting learning goals for and with students
  • assists students to know and recognise the standards they are aiming for
  • involves students in self assessment and peer assessment
  • provides feedback that helps students understand the next steps in their learning and a plan of how to achieve them
  • involves teachers, students and parents reflecting on assessment data
‘Decisions about Learning, Teaching, Assessment and Evaluation must be congruent. We cannot espouse and implement one philosophy of learning and evaluate from a totally different perspective.'
- R. Anthony, T. Johnson, et al.)


  • Assessment is the process of gathering evidence of what a child can do.
  • Evaluation is the process of interpreting that evidence and making judgement and decisions based on that evidence.
  • Reporting is the communication of a child’s progress.

It is vital that there is regular communication - both formal and informal - about a student’s progress, with opportunities being afforded to parents to provide the teacher with observations and insights about their child. We believe that the following assessment, evaluation and reporting policy is in line with our educational framework, allowing all concerned to have input into the process.


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